Loveland Mountain View Rotary Club Offers Scholarships!

The Loveland Mountain View Rotary Club is offering $500 scholarships.  The scholarship program is called Heroes Among Us.

Heroes Among Us is designed to allow students to publicly thank an important person in their  life. The rules are simple:

  • Any person in your life may be nominated as a hero.
  • This includes, parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, service men and women, neighbors, friends—you name it!

The scholarship application form is simply the student explaining who their hero is and why.

To qualify:

  • You must be a middle school or high school student
  • Attend Loveland / Berthoud schools (public, private, or Christian) or home-school with a Loveland / Berthoud primary residence.

To apply:

  • fill out an application and return it to your school, or Mountain View Rotary (POB 2438, Loveland, 80539)
  • complete an application online (below). The address is:
  • Deadline to receive your application is March 30, 2017

The on-line application form can be found at:

The scholarships are not just limited to college tuition.  They can be used for many types of educational opportunities!

Based on the application, students may be invited to attend a ceremony on April 27, 2017 where the $500 scholarships will be presented! The best of the best will be selected for an evening of fun, food and honor at the Rialto Bridge, 222 4th Street, Loveland, 6-8 pm.

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