Loveland Local was created when our founder had a desire to help people get more connected to our local community. She saw the exponential possibilities for good by helping people find the resources they need, connect with other community members and feel more engaged. She started the I Love Loveland Facebook Page and the response from the community was immediate and overwhelming. Not only did the page grow rapidly in terms of followers and views, more importantly community members were avidly participating in the conversations. Unlike traditional media outlets, our followers built trust in our passion for community good.

Since that time we’ve developed a community hub website to meet the ever increasing demand we get from community members and so we could expand with new tools and services that can’t be done on social media alone. Now, with the help of dozens of Loveland professionals, we’re ready to launch Loveland Local magazine and have already published a 12-page sample issue. We’re not like other media because our focus is on connecting people for community good, and we get daily positive feedback from community members who love feeling more connected.

Here’s a little bit more information about our various tools;

Social Media

I Love Loveland Facebook Page
11,000+ Followers almost exclusively from Loveland and surrounding neighborhoods
35,000 Average post reach
Our first outlet was the I Love Loveland Facebook Page which has almost 10,000 local area followers and one of the highest participation and engagement rates of any social media page for Loveland.

Our new website has been designed to expand what we are able to provide on our I Love Loveland Facebook Page. Since Facebook doesn’t have a good structure for saving, organizing and indexing information, it made natural sense that we could expand our good by having a community website hub. While our initial site is complete and ready to launch, we have great plans for additions and new features to add as we progress.

Video Production

Video is an integral part of any media outreach since so many people now get most of their news and entertainment online instead of on the television. We plan to use this to share great videos about Loveland on a wide variety of topics and including lots of active community members. We have collaborated with Ben Price to be able to offer professional level video productions . We can do videos for or about our sponsors, or sponsors can help us be able to produce great content about our community in general.

Quarterly Print Magazine

We knew that if we already have a great media team assembled finding, organizing and sharing all sorts of great community content, it simply made sense to include a print publication to ensure we get our information to as many community members as possible. Thus we’re currently working on the infrastructure and team for a quarterly print magazine for Loveland community topics. This will be a full-color, glossy magazine on recycled paper, 48-64 pages, covering regular topics such as; arts & culture, kids & family, sustainable living, home & garden, business and innovation, history, community member profiles and much more.