Our Website

websiteWhen our Facebook Page, I Love Loveland, grew so quickly, it became obvious we would need a space where we could meet the daily demand we were receiving from the community. As Facebook isn’t an ideal platform for organizing and indexing content, we knew a website would be the obvious next step. While it’s a fairly basic website right now we have great plans for new features and tools in the future. For now we are able to provide the following resources;

  • Community Blog with Option for User¬†Submitted Posts
  • Community Calendar
  • Community Resource Lists
  • Community Photo Galleries
  • Social Media Feeds

Future Resources & Tools;

  • Community Wiki
  • Interest pages (all things relating to a particular interest on one page)
  • Local photo guides; i.e. Photo shopping guide, photo dining guide
  • Community videos
  • Gamification; allowing users to earn points and rewards from local businesses
  • And much more